Yacht Hire Phuket

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  • Boat in Phuket
  • Boat in Phuket
  • Boat in Phuket

40k baths

  • Length 13,90m
  • Width 4,20m
  • Heigh of water 3,70m-5,10m
  • Fuel Stock 840l
  • Water storage 640l
  • Engines 2x220HP
  • Capacity 12
  • Beds 4
  • -Price-
  • from 40.000€ baths/day

Yacht Hire Phuket

Overblue was designed in collaboration with Stefano Nolletti, providing you the best possible yacht for you to rent in Phuket.

It is a result of long time experience and passion for boating as well as good analytical approach towards the market where the trend is showing that people today are seeking for comfort, safety, innovation, efficiency as well as adventure in Phuket, and you can find all that in our Overblue 44.

This yacht offers all the comfort of modern home, is able to cruise in all conditions, is full of innovative solutions, easy to maintain, ecological and competitively priced. What are you waiting for? Call Phuket VIP Experience now.